Smokeless Medical Waste Incinerator HICLOVER Model YD-30M – Waste Incinerators

Model YD-30M

Primary Combustion Chamber

Secondary Combustion Chamber

Mix Combustion Chamber

Smoke Filter Chamber

Incinerator  Control Case

Stainless Steel Chimney: 1.5 Meter

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Italy oil/gas burner: 02 sets

Oil Tank (if oil fuel): 100Liters

• Burning Waste: Medical Waste

• Fuel: diesel kind, or gas type(natural gas or lpg), or both(exhcange oil-gas burner)

• Processing Capacity: 15 — 20 kg/hr  

• Door Size: 400mm x 360mm   

• Body Size: 1600*1100*2300mm(without chimney)

• Operating Temperature: 800 — 1200 deg. C   

• Dual Chamber: Primary and Secondary Chambers   

• Internal liner:refractory cement

• Tracking Center for:  

• Supplied complete with chimney   

• Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz, 0.25kW


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