Containerized Mobile Heater CA100 – Waste Incinerators

Incinerator Variation CA100, Summary

combustion chamber with 02 units oil burner, batch load incineration equipment. Animal feed 

chamber is 560Liters (Model CA100). Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and smoke 

filter chamber with firebrick and  refractory concrete chamber. Batch load on the bottom of 

chamber. Incinerator panel control suit for local operation.

This design is miniature medical waste incineration gadgets. Building and construction is dual/double

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Waste Treatment

Medical Waste Incineration Treatment

Feed Ability

Normal 100-200 kgs per feed

Burning Cost

Typical 100-120 kgs per individual resources

Burning Time per Feed

Standard 1-2 hr

Control Mode

PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Incinerator)




1.0 Kw


Diesel oil


Italy Heating System

Feed Setup


Temperature Screen

Digital Display

Fuel consumption (Oil)

Regular 20.4 Kgs/Hour

Inner Dimensions

100x80x70cm (Secret Burning Chamber)

External Capacities

230 x 130 x 155cm (main body)

Waste melting chamber


Post Combustion Chamber


Oil Container Capability

200 Liters

Door Opening

70 x 50cm


5.0 M

Gross Weight


Chamber Product

Firebrick, Refractory Concrete

Max. Heat Worth

166,000 Kcal/Hr.

Procedure Technical Specifications

Solid Chamber temperature degree

8000C -10000 C

Concentration camp temperature degree

10000C -12000 C

Chamber Anti-Rate


Residency time

2.0 Sec.

Burning efficiency

> 98 percent

Waste Lower Calorific Power

Pre-assembled, containerized type,do not included chimney installation.Burning rate: 100 – 120kg / hour.

Minimum operating temperature 800-1000 degree.Maximum operating temperature:1000-1200 degree.

Secondary Burning capacity.Density insulation.Refractory casting.Heavy duty refracting lining to 

withstand 1750 degree.Fuel type: fuel oil (diesel).


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