China Faces Pet Cremation Crisis as Demand Soars

As the number of pet owners in China continues to rise, so does the demand for pet cremation services. This has led to a crisis in the country as crematoriums struggle to keep up with the growing demand.

Rising Pet Ownership

In recent years, the number of pet owners in China has increased significantly. According to the China Pet Industry White Paper, there were over 99 million pet owners in the country in 2021, up from 73 million in 2016. This growth in pet ownership has led to a corresponding increase in demand for pet cremation services.

Shortage of Crematoriums

Unfortunately, the surge in demand for pet cremation services has far outstripped the capacity of existing crematoriums in China. This has led to long wait times for pet owners seeking to have their beloved animals cremated. In some cases, crematoriums have been forced to turn away pet owners due to overwhelming demand.

Ethical and Environmental Concerns

Another issue facing the pet cremation industry in China is the lack of regulations and standards for the disposal of pet remains. This has raised ethical concerns among pet owners, who worry about the proper handling and treatment of their pets’ remains. In addition, there are environmental concerns about the impact of pet cremation on air quality and pollution levels.

Efforts to Address the Crisis

In an effort to address the pet cremation crisis, some local governments in China have started to invest in building more crematoriums. There has also been a push for the development of regulations and standards to govern the pet cremation industry, in order to ensure the ethical and environmentally responsible disposal of pet remains.

The Importance of Pet Cremation Services

For many pet owners, cremation is an important part of saying goodbye to their beloved animals. It provides a way to honor and memorialize their pets, and can bring closure during the grieving process. However, the current crisis in China demonstrates the need for improved infrastructure and regulation in the pet cremation industry to meet the growing demand and ensure the proper treatment of pet remains.


The pet cremation crisis in China underscores the challenges that come with the rapid growth of the pet industry. As the number of pet owners continues to rise, it is crucial for the government and industry stakeholders to work together to address the demand for pet cremation services and ensure that ethical and environmental standards are met.